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We offer all types of custom built computer systems, computer repairs, upgrades, data recovery, networking, configuration, security along with wireless installations services in our office or on-site to both home and business users in the Stuart, Jupiter & Port st Lucie area.

Regardless of your Internet issues, we will assist you in resolving them all. Whether it is Internet setup, installation, debugging, or email and/or browser issues, our technicians will get you up and running.

For home or business, Teclodge Computer Repair will fix your problems so it is working for you.



We offer a different approach than other computer training services. We offer one-on-one lessons tailored to each individual instead of a set lesson plan. This maximizes the effectiveness and helps each individual move at their own pace. We also are different in that our patient approach that takes away much of the stress and anxiety that intimidates many people and keeps them from enjoying the benefits of technology.


  • Microsoft Windows (Win XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Downloading and Burning CD's
  • Uploading, printing, and sharing photos
  • Web browsing, Google, email
  • Social media including Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, and others
  • Password maintenance and recovery
  • Anti-virus and backup software
  • many others available by request




Virus and Spyware removal

Expertise you can count on to protect your computer

Do you worry about what might happen to your computer and important files if viruses, spyware and malware attacked your PC or laptop? Are you sure you aren’t already at risk for these common security issues?

If you use the Internet, chances are your home computer isn’t running optimally due to the presence of online threats like these. The experts at Teclodge Computer Services can detect, remove and secure your computer from the viruses and spyware that are slowing you down and infringing on your privacy.


With Virus and Spyware Removal services from Teclodge Computer Services, you get all this:

  • PC virus, spyware and malware removal – we’ll use our specialized software to detect and remove these threats to your computer
  • Vipre installation – ensuring that viruses, Trojans, spyware and worms can’t destroy your critical files


Running multiple computer antivirus programs simultaneously will actually degrade your computer’s performance.




About Us:

With expertise in computer sales, service, support & networking, Teclodge Computer Services offers your business a full-service technology solution.

With the shift of many computer companies from the home and small business computer user to the large business customer, the home and small business computer user is increasingly being left behind. Teclodge Computer Services promises to never lose sight of why we started our company.

We offer quality service, support & computers at competitive prices. Teclodge Computer Services offers quality computers, monitors, peripherals, power protection devices, Tablet PCs, All-in-One PCs, networking products, input devices, data storage products, hardware and software & backup solutions.

We offer all types of custom built computer systems, computer repairs, upgrades, data recovery, networking, configuration, security along with wireless installations services in our office or on-site to both home and business users..

We are your local virus, spyware and malware removal and prevention specialists.



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How Computers Work


Step 1

Hardware consists of devices, like the computer itself, the monitor, keyboard, printer, mouse and speakers. Inside your computer there are more bits of hardware, including the motherboard, where you would find the main processing chips that make up the central processing unit (CPU). The hardware processes the commands it receives from the software, and performs tasks or calculations.
Software is the name given to the programs that you install on the computer to perform certain types of activities. There is operating system software, such as the Apple OS for a Mac, Windows 7 or Windows 8 for a PC. There is also application software, like the games we play or the tools we use to compose letters or do math problems.

cartoon of computer inputting its own information

You provide the input. When you type a command or click on an icon, you are telling the computer what to do. That is called input.

Step 2

How They Work Together

drawing of 2 people using a computer

First, you provide input when you turn on the computer. Then the system software tells the CPU to start up certain programs and to turn on some hardware devices so that they are ready for more input from you. This whole process is called booting up.
The next step happens when you choose a program you want to use. You click on the icon or enter a command to start the program. Let's use the example of an Internet browser. Once the program has started, it is ready for your instructions. You either enter an address (called a URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator), or click on an address you've saved already. In either case, the computer now knows what you want it to do. The browser software then goes out to find that address, starting up other hardware devices, such as a modem, when it needs them. If it is able to find the correct address, the browser will then tell your computer to send the information from the web page over the phone wire or cable to your computer. Eventually, you see the web site you were looking for.

Step 3

diagram of computer downloading information

If you decide you want to print the page, you click on the printer icon. Again, you have provided input to tell the computer what to do. The browser software determines whether you have a printer attached to your computer, and whether it is turned on. It may remind you to turn on the printer, then send the information about the web page from your computer over the cable to the printer, where it is printed out.




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